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Upflow Anaerobic Sludge blanket Reactor (UASB)

Upflow Anaerobic Sludge blanket Reactor (UASB)

UASB is a single tank process in an anaerobic centralised or decentralised industrial wastewater treatment system achieving high removal of organic pollutants.UASB reach high treatment levels regarding organics and the produced biogas can be used for energy conversion.

Working PrincipleWorking Principle

Wastewater enters the reactor from the bottom, and flows upward. A suspended sludge blanket filters and treats the wastewater as the wastewater flows through it. Bacteria living in the sludge break down organic matter by anaerobic digestion, transforming it into biogas. Solids are also retained by a filtration effect of the blanket. The upflow regime and the motion of the gas bubbles allow mixing without mechanical assistance. As all aerobic treatments, UASB require a post-treatment to remove pathogens, but due to a low removal of nutrients, the effluent water as well as the stabilised sludge can be used in agriculture.


  • High reduction of BOD
  • Low energy requirement
  • Biogas can be used for energy
  • No aeration system required
  • Less operation and maintenance cost

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