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Shade Net

Shade Net
Shade Net
Shade Net
Shade Net

Shade nets are most preferred product for the green house application because it is the good protector for the crops from heavy wind, rain, birds and insects.It also helps to keep the required moisture level on the soil.

Our Shade Nets are made out Of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Treated with best Color master batches & UV Stabilizers.

In the Highest Proportion to Ensure Long Life of the Shade net.Our Shade Nets are made from 100 % Virgin Materials and have High GSM (Gram per Sq Meter) We are providing Shade Net with Warranty of  3 Years.

  • 35 % Shade Net. - Green,White, Black
  • 50 % Shade Net. - Green,White, Black
  • 75 % Shade Net. - Green,White, Black
  • 90 % Shade Net. - Green,White, Black
Importance of the use of Shading netsImportance of the use of Shading nets

  • Plant Protection :  Shade net  protect against  Penetration  of butterflies and Different insects
  • Protection against Natural Weather Disturbances : Against Winds, birds, hail and frost Shading nets for reduction of solar radiation to avoid damage to Plants
  • Thermal – reflective nets for the creation of an adequate microclimate within Greenhouse
Chemical SpecificationAdvantages of Shade Net
  • Protects Plants/Crops From Excessive Slight.
  • Provides Uniform Shade For Better Yield.
  • Acts as A Barrier against heavy Rains, Hail Storms.
  • Protects against Insects, Birds.
  • Soil Support.
  • Reduces Water Evaporation.

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