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The Insect Net is made of mono filament that are manufactured with Special UV- resistance material, giving the net durability and has strong tucked selvages, and is flexible, light, and easy to spread. It is Constructed  from virgin polyethylene and has a UV life expectancy of over 3 Years.

Our Insect Nets have varied feature of spider web, made with tough material, light weight and transparent. These insect nets can effectively control insects from damaging plants thus it increase the productivity and also protect plants from ultra violet rays. These products can easily be used and installed by our clients.

  • Insect Net – 50 Mesh - 120 GSM, 3 Year UV Life
  • Insect Net – 40 Mesh - 120 GSM, 3 Year UV Life
  • Insect Net – 40 Mesh -  80 GSM

Characteristics of insect protection netsCharacteristics of insect protection nets

  • 100% Protection
  • Eco-friendly PE-material
  • Very light weight
  • Very light permeable
  • Useable multiple times
  • Color white/transparent

Advantages Advantages

  • Round high-strength mono filament construction provides extra tensile strength.
  • Prevents pests like thrifts, white flies, which damages the crop.
  • Reduces the usage of pesticides
  • Increases the overall yield
  • Offers uniform protection throughout the area that is in use
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Does not block sunlight
  • Light weight and can be easily stitched using regular machines Offers protection to the crop against wind and hail

Insect net specificationInsect net specification



Raw Material

Polyethylene (PE)


Transparent & White

UV Stabilization

Yes ( 3 Years)


1.2 Meter to 3 Meter


100 Meter (Standard)


70 GSM to 120 GSM

Shade Value

20 to 30%

Light Transmission

70 to 80%

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